Intersecting Wall Shelves Set ( A - D)

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Easy to assemble DIY shelves

Space Saving Design

Easy storage of decorative item


Intersect wall shelves

1. 27cm (L) x 16cm (W) x 12cm (H) - 4pcs2. 40cm (L) x 32cm (W) x 12cm (H) - 2 pcs

Plain wall shelves

1. 40cm (L) x 12cm (W) x 1.5cm (T) - 1pcs

2. 50cm (L) x 12cm (W) x 1.5cm (T) - 1pcs

3. 60cm (L) x 12cm (W) x 1.5cm (T) - 1pcs

Material: High gloss green wood particle board, melamine veneer

Waterproof Coating

No assembly required, but only install on wall needed

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